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Don't be a dick

Posting Articles

Do not post a large number of low-quality articles.


It is not allowed to copy any portion of someone else's writing to use as your own work without proper attribution. Equally it is not allowed to present the articles of another user as your own work. Doing so will result in deletion of the work and will result in a ban. It is generally fine to borrow ideas, narrative or character from someone else, so long as there is no blatant or malicious attempt to deceive the reader into believing that the work is your own. Beware of copyrighted material, as it is generally not fine to borrow from it. Contact staff if you are unsure if something is plagiarism.


Only use images that are license free.

Editing Articles

You may edit the text of your own article at will. However do not remove technical changes, like a voting module.

Editing Others Articles

You may correct grammar, spelling or formatting errors on other persons articles. Any other edits need the permission of the original author. If the original author is not available anymore, meaning he left the site or is inactive for over half a year, please contact staff for permission.